NOMADX is seeking to revolutionize the way location independent professionals, or “Digital Nomads” live, work and travel the world.

NOMADX was born early 2017 after 20+ years of digital entrepreneurship and five straight years of global travel experiences to over 50 countries. The founders saw a need to help others easily and affordably experience the slow travel Digital Nomad lifestyle whether for a month or a lifetime in amazing locations throughout the world, with our start in Portugal!

So what’s NOMADX?

NOMADX Slow Travel Pads™ and Lifestyle Community for Digital Nomads offers one to six plus month rentals direct from friendly hosts in cool local Portuguese neighborhoods. We help you stay on budget with a private room, apartment or shared coliving space ranging from €250 to €850+ per month. And, we offer access to our local digital community as a bonus.

It’s our company’s mission as a Public Benefit Corporation to promote friendliness, cultural understanding and social interaction between Digital Nomads and the local communities in which they live and work. We realize that it’s important to give back and we’ve made that part of our company’s mission!

NOMADX makes it easy and affordable to live the Digital Nomad lifestyle, explore new cultures, and meet people from around the world while maintaining a healthy career. We provide the infrastructure necessary for getting you away from your home office or crowded co-working space and into a perspective-shifting setting, for as little as a month, and at local prices that are much more affordable than AirBNB’s short term rates.

Professionals who choose the NomadX lifestyle have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones, living like locals as they achieve personal and business breakthroughs in picturesque settings around the world.

Dave and Jen Williams co-founded NomadX to help global workers experience a new way to travel, live and work throughout the world. They saw a need that wasn’t being met by current industry providers so they started NomadX!

We hope you enjoy what we have created!

NOMADX is a Member of the Startup Lisboa, Government Sponsored Incubator

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