Responsiveness is critical to the success of the platform's guest and host experience. To best understand the rating, it is a set of values that determine how much a host replies to the first message a user sent them.

There are two values that are measured: reply rate and average response time.

Reply rate is a percentage that represents how many times a host has replied to the initial message a guest sent. For example, if the host has 20 reservations request, but they have only replied to 18 of them, the reply rate would be 90% (18 ÷ 20).

Average response time is the average time between a host receiving a reservation request and the initial reply from the host. It only takes into account reservations where the host actually replied.

Consider a host that has three reservation requests. They replied to the first and second request in four and eight hours, respectively. They never replied to the third reservation request. The average response time would be 6 hours ((4 + 8) ÷ 2).

We hope this helps you better understand these calculations to improve your rating and ultimately your ranking in the search results. 

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