Read the profiles carefully, and make sure you are comfortable with the Host of the property you have chosen. Ask for all the information you need to feel comfortable and safe. If a host, or situation seems unsafe for any reason, move on. Be clear about your boundaries, communicate clearly with others, and take care of yourself. 

If things don't work out with your host, or if they misrepresented themselves or their home, make sure you have a backup plan. Get familiar with the neighborhood, identify the nearest hostel or hotel, or have a backup host in place. Get to know the area prior to arriving, and research how to get to and from there on your own.

Keep in mind the cultural, religious differences, and general safety recommendations for each place that you travel. Gender roles and expectations can differ wildly. 

Only give your phone number or email address to a new person when you are comfortable with them. 

NomadX strongly discourages any romantic involvement between hosts and guests.

Report safety concerns immediately to NomadX, but do keep in mind that we are only a marketplace for hosts and guests. 

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