It’s crucial to keep track of all your reservations when running a property. And things can get complicated when you are renting properties on a number of different platforms. To avoid overbooking and increased workload, it’s key to implement a technology that syncs all your calendars together – and this is why we decided to integrate iCal. It will save you time, reduce the chance of errors being made, and ultimately allow you to run your property more efficiently.

What is iCal?

iCal is a tool that allows you to synchronise your bookings and availability on all your calendars.

How do I sync my NomadX calendar with another calendar?

If you list your space on other websites, you can prevent multiple guests from booking the same dates by syncing your NomadX calendar with your other calendars. You can only sync your calendars up to one year in the future.

Calendar importing

Calendar importing allows you to automatically keep your NomadX calendar up to date with an external calendar that supports the iCalendar format.

To import a calendar:

  • On go to My Properties and select Manage Calendar
  • Click on Import Calendar and add the URL of the external platform you’d like to import your calendar from
  • Select Import calendar to finalise the process

If you edit an external calendar that syncs with your calendar on NomadX, it will take a few hours for those changes to be visible to guests viewing your listing.

Calendar exporting

Calendar exporting lets you view your NomadX calendar on an external calendar that supports the iCal format. To export your calendar in iCal format and add it to your external calendar:

  • On go to My Properties
  • Click on Manage Calendars
  • Copy and paste the NomadX calendar link into your iCal applications

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