Hosts can set a monthly rent price for each of their listings. If a guest stays at their place for three months they will earn three times their monthly rent. But what happens if a guest decides to stay for two months and a couple of nights? Let’s use a couple examples to understand how this works.

Mariana has an apartment that she rents for €750/month. With service fees and VAT, the total monthly price is now €856/month.

Eva finds this listing and wants to book it for the month of March: check-in on March 1st and check-out on March 31st. That’s a full month. So the total price for that rent will be €856. Simple.

If Juliette wanted to rent Mariana’s place from April 14 - June 13, that’s two whole months, so the total price would be €1.712.

If we had a rent that spans full months and a couple of nights, then we must calculate prorate those remaining nights. To do that, we take one month’s price and multiply it by 12. We then divide the total by 365 days. The result gives us a prorated rate.

Now let’s consider Philip. He wants to stay for three months and 5 nights: September 1st - December 5th. The total would be 3 months + 5 nights. A monthly rate of €1712 will give us a nightly rate of €56.28. Therefore, his total price will be €2.849,40.

The total price is not billed in a single payment. Instead, the guest will pay month by month until the end of their stay.

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