Guests confirm their stay by paying upfront rent for the first month. However, this payment isn't immediately transferred to the Host. Instead, it is securely held for 48 hours after check-in.

These 48 hours serve as time for Guests to raise any potential concerns about their check-in to NomadX.

If the Guest does not contact NomadX with their concern, the payment is automatically paid out to the Host’s connected bank account.

For any upcoming payments/months, the Host is paid out as soon as the Guest is charged the rental fee. This happens on the day before the upcoming month.

Pay outs may take up to seven days to be processed.

If you are a Host, make sure you have a connected bank account with NomadX. Until you do so, you won’t be able to accept new reservation requests and won’t be able to receive payments.

You can review your payment settings in the Payout Methods section of the NomadX website:

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