NomadX is 45% less than AirBNB on average, offers flexible month to month rentals and a trusted community of hosts and guests similar to what AirBNB used to be but made for nomadic professionals and remote workers. Fast WiFi and great community. It's free for hosts to list and rent on NomadX and very low fees for guests. Plus we actually service our customers and help them when they need it. Guests have 48 hours upon arrival to notify us if there is a problem with their rental so we can help and hold funds in case of disagreement. We were founded in Portugal in 2017 and have over 2,000 verified listings. The list could go on but AirBNB is mostly tourists and we are only for professionals. We are a remote-first Public Benefit Corporation with 100% of the company owned by its team of nomadic professionals and remote workers without VC financing.

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