All payments regarding the Accommodation shall be made through the NomadX Platform, with exception with collateral deposits for damages that shall be paid (and reimbursed) directly between the Host and the Users as deemed appropriate by them. NomadX does not process, has any interactions and shall not be liable in any way regarding collateral deposits for damages.

In order to confirm a reservation, the User must pay the listing amount for the first month. The total amount is the sum of the monthly rent and NomadX service fee.

The first monthly rent will be transferred to the Host 48 hours after the User checks in. If during those 48 hours a User raises any major concern regarding the property, the payment will be held and NomadX will step in to investigate and mediate the situation and find a solution suitable for both the User and the Host.

If User and Host do not reach an agreement NomadX will have to decide and impose a fair solution that is binding for all parties involved. If NomadX decides in favour of the User, the payment will be returned to the User and the reservation cancelled. If NomadX decides in favour of the Host, the payment is transferred to the Host and the reservation proceeds.

The following rental payments will be processed one day before the next period of 30 days starts. Once payment is collected, it is automatically transferred to the Host.

If the last period of the stay is a fractional month, the monthly rent and service fees will be prorated to the amount of days the User is staying (having as a reference 365 days and 12 months of rent/service fees for said calculation).

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