Proof of address requirements:

Accepted address proof documents:

- bank statement

- utility bill

- letter issued from a government body

- drivers license or identity card if this has not also been used as their Proof of ID


- Documents must be dated within the past six months

- Complete documents must be uploaded.

A complete document is defined as:

At least one full page of the document

- The full name and address of the individual are clearly stated

- Documents can be uploaded in .png, .jpg, or .pdf format​​​

Proof of ID requirements:

There a few things you need to take into account before uploading your ID:

- Stripe requires a colour photo of the ID, which you can take with a phone, webcam, or scanner (but not from a computer screen).

- Stripe accept JPEG and PNG file formats.

- Stripe will be unable to verify PDFs.

- Stripe will be unable to accept black and white images such as photocopies.

- Be aware of the flash on your camera which may obscure details on the ID.

- The photo needs to be clear and all information can be seen (i.e. can't be blurry or have corners cut off).

- Also, you'll need to ensure there are no marks or blemishes on your ID that may skew the image.

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