After a long time of being used, the folder of the browsers stores a lot of information, and at times it can confuse the browser, therefore users might get errors, slow response times etc. The best option to fix this, is to clear the browser cache. The cache are the files the browsers store. This ultimately fixes the issue most of the time.

If you are following the above rules and still having issues uploading the document, meaning that Stripe's system is still giving you an error, we recommend that you follow these steps as for the majority of the time this will always fix the issue.

- Try using a different browser. Best ones we recommend are: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Microsoft Edge

- Try using Private/ Incognito mode on your browser. Use the following link to see how to do that: -

- Try using a different device: phone, tablet, different laptop, desktop computer

- Try clearing your browser cache. This will clear some unneeded data from your browser so that the Stripe system is able to proceed without issues:


If the error persists please contact Stripe's 24 hour customer support service on [email protected]

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