We are excited to announce our new Reservation System called “Magellan” after the famous Portuguese explorer as he was the first to circumnavigate the globe. Magellan will help make it easier for guests and hosts to book directly without the need to use the messages application. 

Magellan is a 2-Sided reservation system which allows guests to request a reservation from a host and for the host to easily confirm, revise or decline the reservation with a final confirmation required by the guest to book the reservation. Then, once the reservation is confirmed by the guest, it will then be booked on the host's calendar.  Then, the host and guest still finalize payments directly between the two parties. Magellan requires the guest to confirm the reservation as many times guests have multiple reservation requests at the same time. 

Although it’s just a first step, Magellan will significantly help you request, revise, confirm and book your reservations. If you start using it and find a bug or have feedback, please let us know. 

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